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Oikawawa by KeiiGreenTea
I'm alive, kind of.  Most of my time now is spent translating and writing.  Maybe I'll get back into drawing someday haha.

Anyone notice that Furudate uses dark blue to shade Oikawa's hair?  Decided to do the same and, while my colour choice is a little more discreet, I actually quite like it.  I have too many Haikyuu!! chibis to make into keychains and no where to put them all.
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Hey look I'm alive and my game just came in so I'm letting the Haikyuu Quest extras play while I do stuff.  Come watch if you want.
HQ!! Renka by KeiiGreenTea
HQ!! Renka
Uhhh uploading random stuff to stay alive...!!  I haven't made a fancharacter in years I think wow.

To be totally honest, Renka originally came to be for no other reason than to have two little girls bully Oikawa here and there lmao.  She and her little sister, Miki, have their own backstories and lives and stuff, but I don't think I'll do too much with them (I'm more focused on creating a Fukurodani OC haha).  They were just really fun to design and get back into character creation with.  I'm really lazy and I don't want to type out eeeeeeverything in their profiles so the basics only.

Name: 乙鳥 連華 (Tsubame Renka) [Swallow (bird); Divine leader]
Age: 16
Birthday: October 22 (Jidai Matsuri)
VA: Uchida Mami
Attending: Nashihara High School; Year 2
-Was the regular point guard of her middle school's girl's basketball team in her second and third years.  She was immensely proud of and adored the team she helped build and led on the court, but an injury during the prelims of her last tournament in her third year forced her out of the game.  Her replacement was a talented first year girl who Ren recognised the abilities of, but didn't want to accept since she felt the current team was HER team.  In the end, though, she swallowed her pride and did her best to teach the first year everything she could to help lead them to victory because the team as a whole was more important to her.
After middle school, Renka quit basketball partly because of the injury, but mostly because their single mother needed her to help out at home more and to take care of her little sister Miki in primary school.  A very doting older sister.
-Her school's name literally means "pear field" and they do, in fact, have a personal pear orchard on campus.  The school has a designated "festival" day for students to harvest and manage the orchard (otherwise done so by staff).  It's not unusual for students to pluck a fruit or two to eat when passing by if in season.  Students who are out sick also tend to receive a pear from the orchard along with their handouts.
-Renka's hair clip was a gift from Miki for entering high school and is designed to look like pear blossoms.
-Their mother is born on July 17, the beginning of the Gion Matsuri.  The three festivals are known as the three most renowned Kyoto festivals, where Renka's late father is from.

Name: 乙鳥 三葵 (Tsubame Miki) [Swallow (bird); Three hollyhock]
Age: 7
Birthday: May 15 (Aoi Matsuri)
-Greatly admires and loves her older sister.  The two get along very well and always try to help one another out.  When younger, Miki wanted to get into basketball and be an "amazing leader" like she always saw Renka as.  When Ren got injured and quit in high school, however, Miki realised having her sister help her pursue basketball would only be painful for her.  Flipping through sports channels one day, Miki happened to pass a broadcasting of a volleyball match and fell in love after watching.
She attends the Lil' Tykes Volleyball and, still clinging to her admiration of her sister's "leadership", greatly adores the setter position and wants to become an amazing setter herself.  Miki has Renka take her to see local matches whenever possible.
Bokutanjoubi by KeiiGreenTea
誕生日おめでとう木兎君!!あなた(と赤葦君)が大好き。結婚しましょう |ω・)

I have another Bokuto thing I drew, but I don't know if I want to upload it here.  I'll let my twitter be my embarrassing account eheh.
69min:Best boys by KeiiGreenTea
69min:Best boys
Yoshino Hiroyuki (aka Best Boy) Duo from the 69min YWPD crossover.  Pretty happy with my first Arakita and I love Hajime-chan, but he's the type that's hard for me to draw...maybe I should try the dog hair style haha.

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